Taking Note...With Style

As much as I love technology - and am addicted to Instagram and Snapchat - I still keep track of my to do lists, television segment plans and schedule the old-fashioned way:  on paper.

I am forever looking for pretty papers to write on, since I get bored with plain old spiral notebooks.  I like colorful papers that inspire me and put a smile on my face, and scoop them up wherever I find them!

The Francophile in me was very happy to spot this set of Parisian notebooks at P.O.S.H. Chicago.  Walking into this shop feels like being transported to the French countryside.

I also spotted these at Target during a visit to Portland.  I may or may not have bought every one that was on the shelf that day.

The covers are adorable, and the pink, orange, blue and green pages are so cheerful - and reminiscent of the pastel notebooks I always used in school.  Plus, the paper in these greenroom notebooks is recycled - a double win.

These are also compact, and easily slip into my bag or laptop case when traveling.  

Any other stylish notebook finds?  Please comment and include a link!