10 Years...On Our Way to Forever Together

When I was in elementary school, segments from radio host Paul Harvey would interrupt my top 40 songs on KGMO radio.

If you are younger than me, you're probably saying, "Paul who?".  But if you're in the vicinity of my age neighborhood, you might recall that when Mr. Harvey would report an anniversary of a long-married couple, he would always end the story with something to the effect of "75 years...on their way to forever together."

Today, Scott - who at 31 days younger than me might claim to be too young to remember Paul Harvey - and I are celebrating 10 years...on our way to forever together.  

Here are two of my favorite photos from that day, along with a gift made by my sister-in-law Holly; this hangs in our hallway to ensure we never forget the day!  You can see more memories and pics here.

Amy & Scott_0127.jpg
0321 Amy and Scott Recessional.jpg
10-06-17 Date.JPG




When Scott and I remember our wedding - nine years ago today! - we always talk about what a great time we had.

Unlike friends who say they cannot remember their wedding because everything was such a whirlwind, we savored every moment with family and friends who came to New York to celebrate with us.

Our dear friend Emily Lester Cahnmann of EM Event Management - NYC wedding planner extraordinaire - planned every detail, so it was pretty stress-free for us.  We wanted a unique New York City location, and the lovely Alger House, an old carriage house on Downing Street in Greenwich Village, definitely fit the bill!  

Here are a few of my favorite photos of the day:

Loved seeing this guy and taking our photos before the ceremony.


Chatting with my dad just before he walked me down the aisle. 

All I could think about at this moment was not catching my four-inch heels in the hem of my Calvin Klein gown!


Mr. and Mrs. Sewell!


Wedding Registry Tips

It’s June, which means it is wedding month!  Not only is your mailbox probably filled with invitations, this is a popular time for newly-engaged couples to set up a gift registry for weddings scheduled later in the year.

Here are a few tips I shared on behalf of my client Bed Bath & Beyond for creating a registry that suits your needs as well as those of your wedding guests.

  • When selecting dishes, think about everyday items as well as how you will entertain on formal occasions.  You might even choose casual and formal china that complement each other, which doubles the size of your dish wardrobe for any occasion.
  • Register for three sets of sheets so there is always a clean set in the linen closet.  Don’t forget about guest rooms, sofa beds, futons, etc. when choosing bedding.
  • Select gifts at a variety of price points, from small kitchen utensils to more expensive items like a vacuum cleaner or a high-end collection of cookware.  Family and friends often join together to “group-fund”           big-ticket items, so don’t be afraid to include them on the registry.
  • Visit a Bed Bath & Beyond store to take advantage of resources such as registry books and expert consultants.  You can also use their new mobile app to manage your registry on the fly.
  • Don’t get stressed out when working on the registry.  When my husband and I got married, planning the registry provided a wonderful opportunity to talk about how we would live and entertain.  Relax, and enjoy the process of planning your lives together!


* Photos courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond.

(Wedding) Bells Will Be Ringing

June is here, which means mailboxes are filled to the brim with wedding invitations.  Here are a few tips to consider when selecting a gift for the happy couple.

  • Use registries.  Couples choose things they want or need, so don't worry about being unoriginal.  Go off-registry for personalized items or if you know the gift especially suits their interests. 
  • Include a gift receipt.  Make it easy for the couple to return or exchange duplicate items.
  • Consider your budget.  Don’t buy something you can’t afford.
  • Send the gift early.  Or, simply order online from their gift registry.  This saves the hosts the task of packing up and transporting large packages from the ceremony.
  • Be their favorite guest by sending your RSVP right away.