On-the-Air: Denver

One of the reasons I love my job so much is that I get to do segments with super-nice, super-fun people like Kathie Jay at Colorado's "Everyday" show!

10-18-17 KDVR1.JPG

One look at our recent segment on Halloween treats, and you'll see why!  She has such amazing energy - and even makes a great save when that pumpkin bouquet almost took a flying leap off the table.


Check out the full segment here!

You can check out this post for more details on the items from the companies that sponsored this segment.

On-the-Air: San Antonio

I love doing TV segments any time of year - and especially during the holidays!

TV studios are decked out for the season, I get to bling out the table with holiday decorations, and everyone is in a festive mood.  And sometimes - as in the case of this segment at "San Antonio Living" last week - they give me a little soundtrack of Christmas music as a background during the segment.

Doesn't that make you feel just a tiny bit more festive?  Check out the the full segment here!

Holiday Gift Guide: Flowers & Food

I am a big believer in practical gifts.  They need not be boring, but I really like giving things that people will actually use and enjoy.

Sure, there are all sorts of exotic kitchen appliances that make exactly one thing that might be cool, but they take up tons of space and how often do you use them?

So - with that in mind - over the next few days, I will be sharing some fun and practical gift ideas I am featuring for several companies on TV shows this month. 


Whenever we want to send flowers, I always check out Teleflora.  One of the things I love about them is that I have the convenience of ordering online - but flowers are arranged and delivered by a local florist.  That ensures they arrive looking fabulous and already arranged - so the recipient doesn't have to scramble to find a vase and arrange the flowers themselves (a skill that I most definitely lack).

A few of my favorites from this year's holiday collection (from left to right):  the Gift Wrapped Bouquet ($59.95), the Sparkling Star Centerpiece ($69.95) and the Send-a-Hug Cardinal Bouquet ($49.95). (Photos courtesy of Teleflora).

Food & Wine

For years, Omaha Steaks has been one of my "go-to" places for gifts - not to mention a favorite source for ordering meat for our own dinners at home (their flat-iron steaks and Polynesian pork chops are our favorites - yum!).  For the holidays, their Tasteful Gift ($69.99) package is a nice gift sampler that includes filet mignons, top sirloins, boneless pork chops, potatoes au gratin - even caramel apple tartlets for dessert!

If you've never ordered steaks online - and are wondering how all of this works - each item is individually frozen and boxed, and shipped with dry ice in a foam cooler. (Photo courtesy of Omaha Steaks).


Whether in small bags tucked into stockings or large packages in gourmet gift baskets, Wonderful Almonds and Pistachios are great for year-round snacking. You can usually find a couple of the tiny snack packs stashed in my carryon bag when traveling, and I was super-excited last year when Hampton Inn started including Wonderful Pistachios as a welcome snack for frequent guests. It's the little things, people. (Photos courtesy of Wonderful).

For someone with a sweet tooth, the gourmet baskets and dipped strawberries from Shari's Berries (shown below on my "FOX & Friends" segment last week) will most definitely be used and enjoyed.

Wine & spirits are at the top of many lists, whether as a holiday gifts, hostess gifts or stocking stuffers.  A few delicious - and affordable options - to suit any taste or budget (from left to right):

(Photos courtesy of Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits, Stamford, CT).

Coming tomorrow:  clothing, kitchen and home decor gifts.

Happy shopping!

Thanksgiving Made Super-Easy

Scott and I are gearing up for one of our favorite holiday traditions: hosting several friends for Thanksgiving dinner.

While I generally make pretty much everything from scratch - including tons of leftovers for us and for people to take home - this year is a bit different because I am doing TV appearances both Thursday and Friday morning.

So - ready-made items to the rescue!

If you're in a similar boat this year, I shared some quick and easy Thanksgiving dinner ideas for Omaha Steaks, Teleflora and Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits (Stamford, CT) on today's "Daytime" show.  Click on the photo to see the full segment, and check out details below.

With "Daytime" co-host Jerry Penacoli.  Food styling by  FoodSTYL Tampa Bay .

With "Daytime" co-host Jerry Penacoli.  Food styling by FoodSTYL Tampa Bay.

If you don't feel like cooking everything from scratch this year, you can order a complete turkey and trimmings dinner from Omaha Steaks.  You still need to cook the 10-pound turkey that comes with it, but all of the sides - yummy sage stuffing, green bean casserole, smashed red potatoes, and turkey gravy - are all ready to heat and eat.  It even comes with a pumpkin pie.  If you prefer to customize your own meal, you can "build your own" meal for four, six or 10 people - choosing from a delicious assortment of savory meats, scrumptious sides and delectable desserts.

To accompany that meal, Barone Fini Pinot Grigio is a food-friendly white wine that complements many dishes on a traditional holiday menu.  For guests who prefer red wine, Josh Cellars Pinot Noir is a nice match for red meats and heavier dishes on the table.  Sparkling wine is perfect for any occasion, and greeting guests with a flute of Enza Prosecco will get any party off to a festive start.

For your own table or an ideal hostess gift, the gorgeous flowers in Teleflora's Autumn Gathering Centerpiece are nestled into a food-safe artisanal stoneware bowl/vase that can be used year after year.

Happy Thanksgiving!


"Love Note Concierge"

I love surprising people with flowers.  But when I am standing at the counter in the florist's shop and faced with fitting a message onto the tiny card that accompanies them, I tend to get writer's block.

The same thing happens when sending a gift from an online registry - and the moment comes to enter a perfectly-worded greeting onto a single line (no pressure, right?)

Sharing your most heartfelt thoughts in a space about the length of a Tweet?  Well, it can be daunting.

Since I am apparently not alone, Teleflora has a brilliant idea for Valentine’s Day.  From February 3 through 12, they have a “Love Note Concierge” who will come to your rescue!

You call 844-IT-IS-LOVE to talk to their writers.  Just tell them what you want to share, and they will craft a perfectly-worded message to go with your flowers.

Better yet, the service is totally free – and Teleflora will give you 20 percent off of any bouquet you order when you use it.  Here are a few arrangements I am sharing for them for Valentine’s Day, but you can choose from even more options here.

* Photos courtesy of Teleflora.