Sunday Stories

A cold, rainy Saturday was the perfect time to read this classic for the first time.  I also watched the brilliant, stylish Kenneth Branagh movie on my flight home on Friday night.  Loved both the book and movie!


“The Americans” final season coming next month.  Will miss it when it wraps, but that agree six seasons is about as long as even the best series can go.

A new rule of New York City real estate: “When the designer pups arrive, rising home prices may not be far behind.”

Having started my business after age 35, some good food for thought here.

Baking these this weekend.

Now that I reflexively write in APA style for graduate work, I am firmly in the “pro” camp on the Oxford comma

More than once, I have refrained from buying a handbag or other item because it has a logo on it.  Your thoughts?

Have a lovely week!

Sunday Stories

I am forever sharing mouth-watering dessert recipes from Lovely Little Kitchen - but I think this Whole Lemon Pie is my new favorite.

Photo used by permission of  Lovely Little Kitchen .

Photo used by permission of Lovely Little Kitchen.

If you plan a visit to NYC soon, add this to your Broadway list. Hilarious, and more child-friendly than most other shows.

Dictionary and language geeks - read up.

In my opinion, she always looks super-stylish - whoever she is wearing and wherever she goes.

Love the "before & after" projects on Apartment Therapy - especially when they are in Paris.

For anyone that is always "too busy" - some serious food for thought.

How far will you travel to go to the gym regularly? We live exactly two blocks from our gym, so there are few legit excuses for skipping workouts.

Have a lovely week!


Sunday Stories: Spring Forward, Airplane Food, and Veggie Lasagna

Did you remember to spring forward by an hour last night or this morning? I'm definitely looking forward to the extra hour of daylight at the end of the work day.

Perhaps this is why many guys won't stop and ask for directions.

It's not just your imagination. Food and drinks really do taste different at 30,000 feet

This vegetarian lasagna sounds amazing - unless you're a carb-phobe.

I studied abroad in the beautiful city of Florence, and it would be a shame if this happened.

She was amazing as Eliza in "Hamilton" - this is really cool.

Happy Sunday!



Sunday Stories: "Golden Girls" Cafe, Oscars, and Weird Weather

Yes, this "Golden Girls" themed cafe in NYC is real. I have soooo many friends who will want to go there.

Photo from the New York Times.

Photo from the New York Times.

I love our apartment - but wouldn't mind one of these Frank Lloyd Wright homes. You can actually tour this one.

And speaking of real estate: beware of tall tales.

As someone who hates to drive, it's nice to see more cities developing public transit that enables you to have a car-free or cab-free vacation (or business trip).

Seven more Earth-sized planets out there? I don't know about you, but it's always hard to get my head around this sort of thing.

I spent much of this week in Arkansas, which like New York, is having weirdly unseasonable warm weather. This has me wanting to do a closet changeover to spring, but I suspect we still have at least a month of winter weather ahead.

It's Hollywood's biggest night. I confess that I have seen hardly any of the nominated films and actors this year, so perhaps tonight's ceremony will motivate us to catch up.

Can we agree these twins will be simply adorable?

Have a lovely week!

Sunday Stories: "Love Actually" Update, Tiny Apartments, and Wine for Cats

Marking my calendar! "Love Actually" update coming this spring in the form of a short film for TV.

This special New York Times section on French cooking may encourage you to try a classic recipe for soufflé, omelets or quiche. 

So looking forward to reading this memoir by Joan Juliet Buck.

Absolutely cannot stop scanning Apartment Therapy house tours. This group of tiny New York City spaces was posted several years ago, and although my first Manhattan apartment checked in even smaller than these, mine was not nearly as stylish.

Is this "wine for cats" thing really a thing? When I saw the headline, I actually checked the calendar to make sure today was not April 1. 

Have a lovely week!