Sunday Stories: Grammy Night, Broadway Toilets, and the Most Relaxing Song in the World

Welcome to the day of the year that I feel most uncool: Grammy Sunday.  Just my use of the word "uncool" proves my point, right?  Although a media and celebrity news junkie, when watching the show, I always realize how clueless I am about so many of the nominated songs and artists.

We went to a Broadway show last night.  And it's about time someone started thinking about how hard it is to go at a Broadway show.

Who knew? Wearing superhero costumes can be beneficial for a child's development. 

Snow days in New York City are the best days.

I can spend hours dreaming over the New York Times Travel section's "36 Hours" column.  But this week's tour of Brooklyn?  We can make that happen.

Major Vogue cover photoshop fail. How could you miss this

As a public service - and continuing justification for my coffee habit (black decaf only, please) - I share yet another study about the health benefits of drinking coffee.

And back to the topic of music:  Is this really the most relaxing song in the world?  If you listen, let me know what you think.  I haven't actually heard the entire thing.  I played it when we went to bed the other night - and was asleep before it ended.

Have a lovely - and relaxing -  week! 

A Little Night Music

On Friday night, our second night in Paris, we started the evening by attending a concert of classical music at the historic Sainte-Chapelle.

Now while we appreciate classical music, we do not pretend to be super-knowledgeable about it.  We had visited here during a previous vacation, but when we discovered they host a full schedule of concerts, we could not pass up the chance to return and listen to music beneath the most gorgeous stained glass.

Complicated, unfamiliar pieces only a music major can appreciate?  Not at all.  The program was pretty much a "Hooked on Classics" playlist.  If the titles aren't familiar, the music will be.  Just Google them:  Mozart's A Little Night Music, Pachelbel's Canon in D - you get the idea.

A perfect evening in a intimate setting - and the wallet-friendly ticket prices hit just the right note as well.  If you're planning a visit, you can check out their full schedule of concerts.


* Photo original to Shop with Style.