Mary Tyler Moore

When I was traveling last Wednesday - and saw that friends were posting pics of Mary Tyler Moore - my heart sank a bit.  (Because people only post celebrity pictures when the news is not good.)

Not surprisingly, working in television, I meet a lot of women who were inspired by "Mary Richards."  Some watched her when the "Mary Tyler Moore" show ran in the 1970s - others much later on "Nick at Nite" or streaming video - but there is no she doubt influenced several generations of women.

A friend recently noted that while there may not have been a lot of imagination that went into naming TV shows in the 70s ("The Carol Burnett Show," "The Bob Newhart Show," etc.) - all of the brilliance went into the shows themselves.  I haven't seen all of the episodes, but here are a few of the things I loved about "Mary Tyler Moore":

  • TV news was always intriguing to me, and this was the first place I saw it portrayed on a sitcom.
  • She lived in a big city.  To a little girl in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Minneapolis certainly seemed like a big city.
  • That apartment!  Loved her apartment.  And I always wanted a wall hanging of my initial - just like Mary.
  • Sleeping on a sofabed looked very glamorous to my eight-year-old self - something I got to experience during a couple of years in a studio apartment after graduating from college.
  • That shag carpet!  My childhood bedroom had purple shag carpet, but not the two steps leading up the door that seemed oh-so-sophisticated. 
  • Looking out that apartment window, it always seemed to be snowing.  And I love snow.
  • Did I mention that I loved that apartment?

I never actually saw the full series.  So some evening soon, perhaps on a snowy night,  I can queue up a few episodes to watch - with the lights of the big city twinkling just outside my window.  Just like Mary.