Denim Stretch #Goals

When I was in junior high, I loved Zena straight-leg jeans.  They were long past being trendy by the time I wore them, but they were cute and fit me nicely.  They were also more affordable than the popular Calvin Klein's I wanted.  My parents knew better than to spend a small fortune on jeans for a 12-year-old who might change her mind about the style the next week. 

They were super-comfy because they had a bit of stretch in the fabric, and I remember wondering why all jeans weren't made like that.

Fast-forward to today.  I have five pairs of jeans in my wardrobe - and every single pair has LYCRA® in them.  I hadn't thought about it until I teamed up with the brand to show the latest denim looks for back-to-school, but thanks to them, my denim preferences haven't changed since junior high.

This week, I am showing the latest fall denim looks on several national and regional shows.  One size does not fit all, either in the style of jeans or the type of fibers used in their construction.   New fiber technologies result in jeans that are super-comfortable, and since these fibers also have great recovery, jeans keep their shape and resist bag and sag - wash after wash, wear after wear.  Since most popular brands now use these stretchy fibers in their jeans, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Here are some models who can really rock a denim look - and they even let me jump into the picture!

Jeans (from l to r):  Volcom, Arizona, Soft Surroundings, Torrid and Lee.

Jeans (from l to r):  Volcom, Arizona, Soft Surroundings, Torrid and Lee.

LEE’s Dream Jeans.  These use a new LYCRA® BEAUTY fiber that offers just the right amount of sculpting power without feeling constrictive.  So, it is a very comfortable way smooth your curves and enhance your figure – which is, of course, something that all of us want. ($62)

ARIZONA Luxe Stretch Jeggings from JCPenney.  These use a unique LYCRA® technology that actually combines two different fibers for a super-stretchy and comfortable fit.  What I love about these is that even with all of that stretch, you still get great fabric recovery, so they stay looking smooth and sleek all day.  ($48)

TORRID Premium Stretch Jeggings.  These also have two different fibers that make them very comfy.  I love the ease and versatility of this style.  While you can dress them up if you want to, I think they are great to just toss on in the morning to go to class or to head out to run errands.  ($74.90) 

VOLCOM Jeans.  Guys want their jeans to be comfortable and look great, and these jeans are made for guys who are very active.  The LYCRA® TOUGH MAX technology in them is engineered to be strong but still flexible.  For guys are into skateboarding and other sports, they are going to resist wear and tear you get with other fabrics.  ($75)

LEVI’S 513 Motion Jeans.  Also great for active guys, these have a flexible fit that really moves with you – but also keep their shape.  These have a great casual look for day, but you can easily dress them up a bit to go out after work or class. ($74.50)

TOMMY BAHAMA Tema Boyfriend Jean.  Two stretchy fibers in these jeans make them an ideal all-day jean. And like the fabrics in all of these jeans, it’s great to know that once you find a style that fits you well, they are going to keep their shape.  ($128)

MUDD FLX Stretch Jeans from Kohl's.  The stretchy fibers in this classic and comfortable style resist bag and sag, so they look sharp all day and hold their shape.  ($40)