On-the-Air: Los Angeles

I made a quick trip to L.A. this week (if you can define a "quick trip" as consisting of two five-plus hour flights, both of which had extensive delays) - to chat about Valentine gifts at CBS L.A.  

I absolutely love working with the people at the "KCAL News at Noon" - and always look forward to catching up with everyone!

Pro tip for TV appearances: show up with lots of treats!  In this case, two gorgeous rose bouquets, three dozen gourmet brownies and several bottles of wine - along with other fun and creative gift ideas for your Valentine.  

Here is the full segment from Tuesday.  For details on everything shown, check out this Valentine gift guide.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Dating 101: Do's and Don'ts of Valentine Gifts

Each Valentine's Day, many people face a dilemma: what gift - if any - should you give to someone you just started dating?  Here are a few tips I shared on "The Better Show," KCAL-TV, WGN-TV and KDVR-TV to consider when choosing a gift if your relationship is new.

  • Know if the relationship is exclusive.  If you aren’t sure – and you don’t have a date together on Valentine’s Day – you can probably skip the gift.
  • Give a gift that reflects your current status.  Don’t try to use a gift to force the relationship to a new level.
  • Keep it light!  Give something appropriate to the nature and duration of the relationship, such as flowers, chocolates, wine, or tickets to a concert, ball game or other event you can enjoy together.
  • Don’t give a gift that indicates you are planning a future together.  Save the photo of the two of you in a heart-shaped frame for another year.

Last-Minute Gifts

Is your holiday shopping wrapped up by Thanksgiving, or do you wait to hear the reindeer on the roof to buy that final gift?  Since most of us get down to the wire for at least one gift, here are a few ideas I shared on behalf of Teleflora, Blue Nile, SheaMoisture, Boots No7 Men, Target, Joseph Carr Wine, Barone Fini Wines and Wonderful Almonds and Pistachios on several TV shows.