Bringing Healthy Back

Scott and I travel light.  Whether it is an overnight trip to see family or two weeks overseas, we each take one rollerboard bag.

For trekking around and sightseeing, I also carry a Healthy Back Bag.  The design helps avoid the shoulder or neck pain that can creep in when schlepping a heavy tote bag.  It is also hands-free, and easy to hang onto when walking around, keeping track of kids or standing while riding the subway, tube or Metro.  You can also wear it cross-body with the bag in front on crowded buses, streets and tourist areas where pickpockets tend to ply their trade.


I have found the smaller size is perfect for carrying the essentials for a long flight, along with sightseeing needs like maps, sunscreen and small water bottles.  The bags have tons of internal and external zippered and Velcro pockets.  They also have larger sizes, ideal for traveling with children or if you have more stuff to carry.

Mine is basic black - suitable for a New Yorker, but it comes in other colors if you are a bit more adventurous.  They also come in a variety of fabrics, and are easy to find on the company's web site or online at Amazon, eBags, Walmart, TravelSmith and other sites.

Next week - what's in that bag, and a few details about my much scaled-down beauty routine when traveling.