Sunday Stories

In between reading books and watching movies for our upcoming vacation, I continue to catch up on newspapers, magazines and my favorite blogs.  Here - a few fun links from the week.  As always, I only share happy stories.

  • Books, glorious books!  Feast your eyes on this week's Wall Street Journal fall book preview.
  • These 10 things productive and organized people do before noon sound about right to me, although I admit that staying away from digital distractions early in the day would be a bit of a challenge.
  • Has an airline ever lost your checked bags?  This article about how Delta Airlines is investing in a new RFID tracking system to try to improve their baggage operations will make you happy.
  • As someone who does not like sweet pastries in the morning, these savory Tomato-Basil Morning Muffins sound like a winner.
  • Finally, a story I am happy to share since today is my birthday: the older people get, the happier they are.  Something for all of us to happily look forward to!

Have a lovely week!