On-the-Air: Denver

One of the reasons I love my job so much is that I get to do segments with super-nice, super-fun people like Kathie Jay at Colorado's "Everyday" show!

10-18-17 KDVR1.JPG

One look at our recent segment on Halloween treats, and you'll see why!  She has such amazing energy - and even makes a great save when that pumpkin bouquet almost took a flying leap off the table.


Check out the full segment here!

You can check out this post for more details on the items from the companies that sponsored this segment.

A Very Merry Halloween

Each Halloween, we love hosting trick-or-treaters at our apartment.

The way it works in our Upper East Side apartment building is that residents sign up at the front desk to let them know that trick-or-treaters are welcome.  A list is then distributed to families, and children who live in the building (and a few friends) come by.  The later it gets in the evening, the older - and louder - the visitors get. 

If you come by, we always give out the good stuff - things like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  Kit Kats.  Snickers.  Our next door neighbor does, too, so people always leave our floor feeling very happy and looking like they just won the lottery.


The tiniest princesses and superheroes come by with their parents early in the evening.  While I ooh and ahh about how adorable they are and admire their costumes, the parents often look warily over my shoulder.  Not because there are any ghosts and goblins here - or because Scott looks scary - but because our Christmas tree is usually up.

That looks pretty scary to some people, I know.  But decorating early gives me time to enjoy the lights on the tree, since I am out traveling on TV tour most of November and December.

Early Christmas trees notwithstanding, that doesn't stop us from also decorating a bit for Halloween.  I load up on tiny pumpkins and gourds as soon as they appear in September, and keep bowls of them around to decorate through Thanksgiving.

Here are a few ideas I am sharing on behalf of several companies on Halloween TV segments this month.  There is no reason kids should have all of the fun on Halloween, and it's easy and affordable to stock up for a grown-up gathering!

Skeleton and coffin candy dishes, and a spider lace table runner, from Target's Hyde and Eek collection.

10-13-17 Target Decor.JPG

Exclusive candies from Target.  Noticing the peanut butter theme here?

10-13-17 Candy.JPG

That chocolate is a nice match for the smooth finish of Hob Nob's Wicked Red or Wicked Chardonnay

For a refreshing, low alcohol beer, Schofferhofer Grapefruit even fits in with the Halloween decor!


I don't need a holiday to brew up a cup of piping hot Pumpkin Spice Coffee or Hot Cocoa on my Keurig.

Who says flowers are just for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day?  Love these arrangements from Teleflora!

10-13-17 Teleflora.JPG

When do you put up your holiday tree? 



* Product photos courtesy of featured companies.

'Vaunted' Houses

New Yorkers can be ultra-competitive about - well, pretty much everything.

Designer clothes.  The latest "it" bag.  Getting your kids into the "right" school.  Over-the-top birthday parties for three-year-olds.  Houses in the Hamptons.

This month, it appears something else has been added to the mix:

Competitive Halloween decorating has taken over Manhattan's Upper East Side.

Elegant side streets lined with $20 million to $50 million townhouses are adorned with webs, skulls, graveyards and more.  (You might say some of these mansions are 'vaunted' houses).  


These are not houses where Dad ran out to Party City and put up a few decorations on a Saturday morning. Some of these are serious, professionally-decorated homes.


One thing the houses have in common, though, is the presence of ginormous hairy spiders - which definitely seem to be a "thing" this year.  


Even with the Pinterest-worthy displays in the fancy zip codes, happily, the brick apartment building around the corner from us appears to be a bit more DIY (still...those spiders!)  


If you're trick-or-treating in our Yorkville neighborhood, stop by our apartment.  We, along with our neighbors next door and across the hall, give out the good stuff.

Do you decorate for Halloween?  If so, are you pretty basic - or do you go all out?


* All photos original to Shop with Style.

Trick-or-Treating, New York City-Style

In New York City, most Halloween trick-or-treating happens during the day and in commercial areas.  Shops, dry cleaners, florists, restaurants and other small businesses load up on candy - and adorably-costumed children trick-or-treat along the avenues and major side streets after they get out of school that afternoon.

I've never been much of a competitive costume person, but we love hosting trick-or-treaters.  Where we live - and in most other Manhattan apartment buildings - residents sign up to host trick-or-treaters on Halloween night, and families who live in the building are given the list so they know which apartments are participating.  We have a lot of young families among our 22 floors, and it's always fun to see the children - and to say hi to the parents who accompany them.

I pick up fun ideas for treats and decorations from my Halloween segments, and here are few things I am showing for several companies on TV shows this week.

I had never used "coffin" and "cute" in the sentence - but how cute is this Mars "Candy Coffin" from Sam's Club? Six full pounds of miniature, bite-sized Snickers, Twix, Milky Way, 3 Musketeers and Starburst candies. Your neighborhood goblins - and the parents who raid their candy stash - will love you for this.

(Calories eaten on TV don't count, right?  Pro tip: 3 Musketeers are easiest to eat on-camera.  No sticky caramel or nuts.)

With host Erin Kienzle at Charleston's "Lowcountry Live."

With host Erin Kienzle at Charleston's "Lowcountry Live."

If you need a hostess gift for a party, or just want something festive for your own home, these Halloween arrangements from Teleflora fit the bill - and they have great vases you can reuse again and again. (Photos courtesy of Teleflora).

Finally, hands-down, the best wines for Halloween.  Check out the bottles; Hob Nob does their Limited Edition Wicked Red Blend and Wicked Chardonnay with seasonal labels!  Not only are these full-bodied wines delicious and affordable ($11.99), but they have twist tops - ideal for hostess gifts or easy-serving at your own party. (Photos courtesy of Hob Nob Wines).

Happy Halloween!