Weekend #Goals

Most Saturday mornings, Scott and I head to one of our favorite neighborhood diners for breakfast.  While others may prefer fancy dinner dates at the newest restaurants (if I must be honest, I am okay with those from time), breakfast out is more of our thing.

We are early risers, so we tend to get there between 8 and 9 a.m. - long before the rest of Manhattan wakes up.

That gives us a nice, calm setting - by NYC standards - to enjoy our coffee and eggs, and just enjoy spending time with each other.

Every Saturday morning, I have an ambitious list of things that I absolutely most definitely plan to do during the weekend.  Check all of those things off of the to do list that I didn't get done during the week.  Do the laundry.  Do the closet changeover from winter to summer - which, believe it or not, still has not happened.

Of course, a lot of this never happens.  We take long walks around the city - and I spend endless hours reading the weekend newspapers, since I have to zip through them pretty quickly on weekdays.  Suddenly, Sunday night rolls around and I haven't gotten things done.  But, Scott and I have spent tons of time together, perhaps had friends over for lunch after church on Sunday, and just enjoyed being home together.

Is it just me, or does this happen to anyone else?  What are you doing - or what do you plan to do - this weekend?


Diner and a Movie

I have a thing for New York City diners (as in the restaurant kind).

While the city has thousands of amazing restaurants, lingering over simple poached eggs or an omelet at a diner while someone else continually refills your coffee cup is a relaxing way to start the day.  

Yesterday, between appointments in the Flatiron area and Midtown, I wandered through our old stomping grounds around Gramercy Park.  Scott and I lived in the neighborhood the first five years we were married.   

I dropped by the Sunflower Diner on Third Avenue at 26th Street, where we often enjoyed breakfast before our Saturday morning movie dates. Their sunny, mosaic tile décor and colorful Fiestaware dishes were always a cheerful and cozy way to greet the day.  Many weekend brunch specials were large enough to share, so we would sometimes order one breakfast with two coffees.  (Not quite "Lady and the Tramp" - but still romantic!)

Coffee at Sunflower Diner

Snow Day, New York City-Style

As this weekend's blizzard started piling up more than twice the predicted amount (Central Park ended up with 26.8 inches), a rare calm settled across the city.

We don't have a sidewalk to shovel or a car to dig out, so a snow day is the perfect excuse to do anything - or nothing at all.

As the snow fell/blew around on Saturday morning, we put on our snow boots and trekked a few blocks to one of our favorite diners, Midnight Express.  We go there often enough that the servers know our coffee order (regular for Scott, decaf for me), and settled in to enjoy breakfast and watch the snowfall - and periodic white-out.

Eager to tick an Oscar movie off our must-see list, we then headed to one of the cinemas within two blocks of our apartment.  (Others had the same idea, with two dozen people huddled under the awning waiting for the box office to open.)

We chose "Spotlight" - a great film with an even better ensemble cast (I am especially partial to movies that portray journalists as heroes).

Mid-afternoon, the mood struck to bake.  After finding a box of yellow cake mix in the cupboard, I whipped up a yellow butter cake with homemade cream cheese frosting made with Philly Cream Cheese - reminiscent of our wedding cake from eight and a half years ago.

We spent the rest of the day catching up on DVR'd shows, doing a bit of work in our office and getting ready for my Valentine gift TV tour that kicks off on Wednesday.

As the snow started to wind down late Saturday night, Scott - who keeps a much firmer grip on his iPhone than I do - reached out our 15th floor window to capture our view.