On-the-Air: Los Angeles

Fall always inspires me to do a little redecorating, even if it is just moving around pictures, editing the bookshelves, or picking up a few new colorful throw pillows.

This year, we actually went a step further and repainted our bathroom, along with replacing the bathroom vanity and sink.  That may not sound like a big job to you, but when you live in New York City, even a tiny project like this requires mountains of paperwork to get everything approved by the co-op board to ensure there is no damage to building.  More on that another time, although it's a process we really don't mind because it protects our home from possible damage from construction in other apartments as well.

To kick off the season, I shared a few quick, easy, and affordable tips for sprucing up your home for fall at CBS Los Angeles.  You can check out the full clip below.