If the Boot Doesn't Fit...

You're out shopping and see the cutest boots.  Or you're online, and quickly snap up the sleek boots that (you hope) will make your legs look super-long.

Photo:  PhillyMag.com

Photo:  PhillyMag.com

Then, you try them on.  Arghhh!  You can't even zip them up.  Or - your calves are narrow and the boots leave a gap that is not filled by even the wooliest tights.

I fall into the former category, especially with boots that are styled with a super-slim fit.  So I was very happy to be interviewed for this article from TheBerry about shopping for wide-calf boots!

While this article focuses on plus-calf styles, many of the same tips apply for people with slimmer calves.

Here are a few good sources for hard-to-fit boots, at all price ranges:

Zappos - This is always one of my first stops for any shoes or boots, if for no other reason than to compare prices on the same brand or style with another retailer.

Full Beauty - This site carries popular women's clothing brands in sizes 12 and up - along with an array of plus-calf boots.  Even if you wear smaller clothing sizes, their affordable selection of wide-calf boots makes it a great source for trendy styles.

Ted and Muffy - If you want to splurge a bit, custom boots can be a great option.  A British import, these are pricey, but they have classic styles, great quality and a perfect fit.  Their return process looks a bit tedious, although mine fit perfectly so I didn't need to return them.  But since you're providing custom measurements, you are minimizing the risk of needing to return anything.  Oh - and they're are super-stylish to boot!

Any other good places to find narrow or wide-calf boots?  Please post your favorites!