Sunday Stories: NYC Vintage Shopping, Millennials Avoiding Credit Cards, and the Most Productive Hour of the Day

This weekend, I am back-in-the-air to do my final four back-to-school segments of the year (I am 35,000 feet over North Carolina as I write this).  That means lots of airport and airplane hours to read newspapers and the dozens of magazines devouring my iPad storage. 

A few highlights from the week - and none of them has anything to do with the presidential election (you're welcome).

  • How we feel about money is actually a reflection of our values, so financial planners and counselors use some non-traditional questions to get their clients talking.
  • A new study reveals that for many executives, 4 a.m. is the most productive hour of the day.  I am not one of those rare people who exists on four hours of sleep - I am best with six-and-a-half to seven hours.  But as a lifelong early riser, I totally relate to this.  Just don't call me after 9 p.m.

Have a lovely week!