View From the Top

Living in New York City among the skyscrapers, it's hard to actually see and appreciate the buildings from ground level. When walking along the sidewalk, I'm generally trying to avoid running into people (or prevent them from running into me while they are texting or talking on their phone) than looking up at the buildings around me.

From our 15th floor apartment windows that face south, we can see the Empire State building and the rooftops of hundreds of brownstones and apartment buildings. But whenever I have meetings or appointments in midtown, it's always a treat to enjoy the skyline - shown here from the Vu Salon at the top of the Peninsula Hotel.


Where are your favorite places to take in the view - either on vacation or the within the city where you live?

Morning in Manhattan

When Scott and I travel, we can spend hours on end wandering city streets and taking in local architecture.

There are endless sights to enjoy closer to home as well, many of them within just a block or two of our apartment. Since I tend to schedule appointments as early as possible in the morning, the quieter streets at that hour make it easier to snap pictures.

Here are few random shots from recent months (you can see others here and here).

The payoff for an early breakfast meeting in Tribeca was a sunrise view of the "Jenga Tower" - aka 56 Leonard Street.

East 87th Street.

Also in the East 80s.

The historic Ansonia apartment house at Broadway and West 73rd Street.


A lovely setting in the East 60s.

What are some of your favorite streetscapes - either in NYC or wherever you live?


* All photos original to Shop with Style.