Grillin'...and Chillin'

Summer weather always makes me want to fire up the grill.

Since we live in a 15th floor apartment in New York City, our "grill" consists of a cast-iron Le Creuset grill pan.  But with great burgers and seasonings - and a husband who temporarily takes down the smoke alarm when I cook burgers or steaks - that's all I need.  (Two minutes on the white-hot grill pan - and those meats are sizzlin').

But what to drink?  If you want to enjoy your burgers with something a bit more festive than lemonade and iced tea - opening a great but affordable bottle of wine can make it a special occasion.  

There is no rocket science to choosing wine to go with your burgers.  Heavier meats like filet mignon pair best with heavier (higher alcohol content) wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, while a light-bodied (lower alcohol content) wine such as Sangria enhances and balances the lighter flavors of a veggie burger.

If you are celebrating the start of summer or the Fourth of July with a cookout, here are a few burger and wine pairings I am showing for Omaha Steaks and Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits (Stamford, CT).  Each of these wines checks in between $10 and $18:

Here's a look at yesterday's segment on KSDK's "Show Me St. Louis" (click on photos to see clips):

And a similar segment from "Sonoran Living" on ABC Phoenix: