Fudgy Brownies (and They're Gluten-Free!)

When it comes to baking, cookies and bars are my thing.

Since we have quite a few friends who avoid gluten (due to celiac or other reasons), I have several go-to gluten-free dessert recipes for dinner parties or whenever people come over for lunch after church on Sundays.

02-12-16 Brownie Plate.jpg

Of course, there are times when only a thick, fudgy brownie will do.  I could never come up with a gluten-free brownie recipe that everyone - not just my g-free friends - would like, but finally found a super-easy mix that does the trick.   (I discovered these several years ago when I did some work for this company).

02-12-16 Brownie Box.JPG

When I make these, I tell the appropriate people they are g-free, but don't make a big deal of it otherwise.  Why not?  Because they are some of the best brownies I have ever had (g-free or otherwise) - and there are always those people who think if something is 'different' from what they are used to, they won't like it. 

Brownies are one of the things I only bake from a mix.  And they're still "homemade" - if I'm stirring in the eggs and butter, that still counts in my book.   You can find this mix online, but it seems to be more widely available in stores than some of King Arthur Flour's other mixes.

Oh - and it takes less than five minutes to prep a baking pan, mix these up, pop them in the oven - and get on with your day.

Note the thick, dark chocolate batter.  Just 35 minutes later, voila!  Fresh-baked brownies - with those all-important crunchy edges.

I don't even bother with my old brownie recipes, since this one fits the bill - no matter who is coming over.  (Just be sure to hide the box so the gluten-free label doesn't scare anyone away!)

Do you do gluten-free?  What are some of your favorite recipes?