10 Years...On Our Way to Forever Together

When I was in elementary school, segments from radio host Paul Harvey would interrupt my top 40 songs on KGMO radio.

If you are younger than me, you're probably saying, "Paul who?".  But if you're in the vicinity of my age neighborhood, you might recall that when Mr. Harvey would report an anniversary of a long-married couple, he would always end the story with something to the effect of "75 years...on their way to forever together."

Today, Scott - who at 31 days younger than me might claim to be too young to remember Paul Harvey - and I are celebrating 10 years...on our way to forever together.  

Here are two of my favorite photos from that day, along with a gift made by my sister-in-law Holly; this hangs in our hallway to ensure we never forget the day!  You can see more memories and pics here.

Amy & Scott_0127.jpg
0321 Amy and Scott Recessional.jpg
10-06-17 Date.JPG