Sunday Stories

I am forever sharing mouth-watering dessert recipes from Lovely Little Kitchen - but I think this Whole Lemon Pie is my new favorite.

Photo used by permission of  Lovely Little Kitchen .

Photo used by permission of Lovely Little Kitchen.

If you plan a visit to NYC soon, add this to your Broadway list. Hilarious, and more child-friendly than most other shows.

Dictionary and language geeks - read up.

In my opinion, she always looks super-stylish - whoever she is wearing and wherever she goes.

Love the "before & after" projects on Apartment Therapy - especially when they are in Paris.

For anyone that is always "too busy" - some serious food for thought.

How far will you travel to go to the gym regularly? We live exactly two blocks from our gym, so there are few legit excuses for skipping workouts.

Have a lovely week!



On a clear, calm morning, the Reservoir in Central Park is a beautiful place to reflect.

It's always darkest before the dawn, and I love the reflection of the lights of midtown on the calm surface of the water just before the sun begins to rise.


Now, we do not make a habit of going to Central Park in the middle of the night, but at the hour this was taken - about 5 a.m. - it is not uncommon to find runners and walkers already making their way around the track. On this particular morning, Scott and I were "sleep training" for an overseas flight - that is, getting up half an hour earlier every morning for a week to ensure we could sleep on our redeye flight to Europe later that week.

Have a beautiful - and peaceful - Wednesday.


Brunch in New York: Bubby's

I am forever looking for fun brunch places, either for business meetings or getting together with friends. New York City has no shortage of interesting spots, but I only recently discovered this gem in an adorable corner of Tribeca.

Bubby's - which actually has two locations - has been around for awhile, but since it's a little out of the way from my usual breakfast stomping grounds, I only recently discovered it.

How cute is this corner? It makes you want to get there early, just to relax on the sunny yellow benches before heading inside.

While this is a great spot for carb addicts (cheddar grits! banana bread!), there are plenty of yummy options for people like me who prefer eggs for breakfast. My brunch companion the other day proclaimed the blueberry sourdough pancakes to be worth coming back for.

If you're visiting New York City, seeing flaky buttermilk biscuits on a menu may be no big deal. But for southern transplants in the city, make note that this a good place to get your biscuit fix.

Brunch photo courtesy of Bubby's.

Brunch photo courtesy of Bubby's.

Bubby's Tribeca, 120 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013.

Our (Second) Shot at "Hamilton"

We looove it when family ventures up to New York City to see us - especially during the dead of winter, when there is a decent chance you will be treated to one of our surprise snowstorms or President's Day blizzards - or land in the middle of a polar vortex.

But the sun came out - all weekend - and the weather got downright warm in the 50s and 60s for our visit from Scott's brother and sister-in-law. We invited up them since we had two extra tickets to (wait for it...) "Hamilton" on Friday night, and they decided to make a weekend of it.

They arrived early Friday morning, giving me an excuse to make a ham, mushroom and soufflé for breakfast. After fueling up on soufflé and hot coffee - plus croissants and brioche from our nearby Maison Kayser - we jumped on the M3 bus and headed uptown to the Hamilton Grange, a National Park Service site and museum that includes the only house that Alexander Hamilton ever owned. Not surprisingly, with the popularity of all-things-Hamilton over the last two years, the number of visitors to this place has increased.

We saw - and loved - "Hamilton" when it opened in 2015. I have been pre-gaming a bit in recent weeks, listening to the soundtrack more than usual and getting back into the revolutionary spirit, so this was the perfect pre-show outing.

Here's the view of from this uptown property at 141st Street and Hamilton Terrace. It's quiet there.

And a peek inside the Hamilton's parlor.

After a bit of non-Hamiltonian sightseeing at The Cloisters (part of the Met Museum), and much needed afternoon naps all around, we met up at the theatre and took the obligatory pre-show selfies.

Do we look excited or what?



Art That An Eight-Year-Old Will Love

I have lived in New York City for 19 years, but never set foot in the Guggenheim museum until last February when we got a free year-long membership through the NYC ID program. It's funny how the closer things are - the less likely we sometimes are to visit. The museum is only about a 10-minute walk from our apartment, so as our membership year winds down, we have been squeezing in a few visits.

Depending on the exhibition, the Guggenheim sometimes shows what one might call "challenging" art. Unlike other museums around the city, it's not exactly a popular place to take children.

But on one recent Saturday morning, two installations in the "Tales of Our Time" exhibition enthralled most of the people we observed viewing them - including the seven- and eight-year-olds who were probably not super-enthusiastic about a museum visit.

This exhibit is housed on the fifth floor (tour tip: at the Guggenheim, always start on five), and these were the first two works we saw. 

"Can't Help Myself" is the title of this - and you can't help but keep watching. It's mesmerizing.

While Scott stayed...and stayed...with this, I moved along to the adjacent gallery, where you will find "In The End Is The Word." It starts with extensive footage of a calm sea - eventually adding battleships and finally culminating in what you see below.

Also on display, and likely of interest to kids: a working solid gold toilet ("America" by Maurizio Cattelan).

Yes, you can use it - if you're willing to stand on lines that run well more than an hour during busy times.

Since they were installing new exhibitions during our January visit, we went back again yesterday.  

As a fan of Jackson Pollock's work, I was excited to see his "Alchemy" painting being shown starting February 10. This was the first of his "drip" paintings for which he became so famous. It was restored just a few years ago, and then displayed at the Guggenheim in Venice. Much as I'd love to go back to Venice, the New York museum is a bit more convenient, and I loved being able to hop over a few blocks to take it in. They also have fascinating displays and videos in a separate gallery about the restoration process.    

The "Tales of Our Time" exhibition runs through March 10 if you are in town and have a chance to stop by. You can check out the Guggenheim's web site for details, including extensive interpretations of the meanings of these and other works on display.