Sunday Stories

A cold, rainy Saturday was the perfect time to read this classic for the first time.  I also watched the brilliant, stylish Kenneth Branagh movie on my flight home on Friday night.  Loved both the book and movie!


“The Americans” final season coming next month.  Will miss it when it wraps, but that agree six seasons is about as long as even the best series can go.

A new rule of New York City real estate: “When the designer pups arrive, rising home prices may not be far behind.”

Having started my business after age 35, some good food for thought here.

Baking these this weekend.

Now that I reflexively write in APA style for graduate work, I am firmly in the “pro” camp on the Oxford comma

More than once, I have refrained from buying a handbag or other item because it has a logo on it.  Your thoughts?

Have a lovely week!

Sunday Stories

A few fun reads!


So you want to be a dog walker?  Good luck with that.

TV girlfriends - if you're looking for a light, fun read, pick up CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota's book Amanda Wakes Up, which was my airplane reading during last week's TV tour.

I am nowhere close to being a millennial, but I haven't a clue about using power tools or taking care of a yard, either.  But I do know how to cook (and love doing so!) - and know how to clean our home and do laundry and other basic life skills.  Interesting look at what retailers are calling the "do it for me" generation.

Such a fun birthday present for me this year!  Don't think I have mentioned this yet on the blog, but as an Anglophile, royal babies make me so happy.  And guarantee I'll buy virtually any magazine that has this little branch of the Royal Family on the cover.

As someone who frequently works with food stylists, this new culinary school emphasis on photography and social media skills totally makes sense.

Have a lovely week!

Sunday Stories

This Sunday Stories feature has been on a bit of an unplanned summer hiatus.  Between being on the road for work most of the summer, and hitting the books for my own graduate classes each and every day, I've fallen a bit behind on this.

As summer vacation for most people winds down - and I have a week before fall media tours and classes begin again - Sunday Stories returns this week, and hopefully for many more Sundays to come.  Instead of focusing exclusively on stories from the last week, here are a few highlights from the last couple of months.

Alley outside Brattle Book Shop, West Street, Downtown Boston.

Alley outside Brattle Book Shop, West Street, Downtown Boston.

Do your reading habits change with the seasons?  I don't think mine depend so much on the season as much as what I need to focus on for work and school.

Books are also top of mind for colleges that distribute summer reading lists to their students.  Here are the most popular books that appeared on those lists this summer.

Did you take a summer vacation?  Scotland is high on the list of places Scott and I want to go.  If this post from Aspiring Kennedy doesn't make you want to drop everything and trek to the Isle of Skye this very minute, I don't know what will.

Srsly?  I don't know one person who will hire you if you do this.

Lemon desserts are my fave, and my mom's lemon bar recipe is one of my favorites.  But this one looks like it will become a new addition to my recipe collection.

If you blinked, you missed The Spotted Cheetah - a Cheetos pop-up restaurant.  Because we all need to eat more junk food, right?

Your guide to popular places to Instagram from in New York City.  You're welcome..

Apparently, I am not the only person who tries to figure out the floor plans of fictitious homes and offices on movies and TV shows.

Finally, you can definitely count me in the category of people who just love it when autumn rolls around.

Have a lovely week!


Sunday Stories: "Love Actually" Update, Tiny Apartments, and Wine for Cats

Marking my calendar! "Love Actually" update coming this spring in the form of a short film for TV.

This special New York Times section on French cooking may encourage you to try a classic recipe for soufflé, omelets or quiche. 

So looking forward to reading this memoir by Joan Juliet Buck.

Absolutely cannot stop scanning Apartment Therapy house tours. This group of tiny New York City spaces was posted several years ago, and although my first Manhattan apartment checked in even smaller than these, mine was not nearly as stylish.

Is this "wine for cats" thing really a thing? When I saw the headline, I actually checked the calendar to make sure today was not April 1. 

Have a lovely week!

Winter Reading: "The Girl Before"

When I read a review of the just-published novel "The Girl Before" by JP Delaney (the pseudonym for an author who has written best-sellers under other names) last week, it immediately moved to the top of my "must-read" list because it revolves around three of my favorite topics:

  1. London
  2. Real estate
  3. A good mystery

It is so fast-paced that it may remind you of another recent "Girl" novel set in London.  (Hello, "Girl on the Train" - which was on my reading list last winter).


As always, I hesitate to share much about the plot, because I don't want to spoil it for you. The shorthand:  two young women, each seeking a fresh start after suffering recent traumas, successively rent a flat in London that - for me - would fall in the category of "if it sounds to good to be probably is."

The trade-off for paying cheap rent to live in an architectural masterpiece?  A restrictive lease with hundreds of rules, a house with a mysterious, tragic history - and an eccentric, controlling landlord who may be hiding some secrets of his own.

I picked up the book in the San Francisco airport before boarding a flight last Friday afternoon - and had finished it by Saturday night.

A movie - to be directed by Ron Howard - is already in the works.

But as with any good mystery, don't wait for the movie.  Read the book first - and please let me know what you think!