The Perfect Red

Is there any beauty product more difficult to find than the perfect shade of red lipstick or nail polish?  There are a gazillion shades of each, and it seems like you have to try half of them to find the right color.

After years of trying new colors at the nail salon, a few months ago I finally came upon the perfect red.

Not surprisingly, for this New Yorker, it is called Big Apple Red - from O.P.I.  It is the middle polish on the top shelf in the pic below, and the shade I am wearing in this TV segment.  It is now my go-to (please O.P.I. - do not discontinue this color).  If red isn't your cup of tea, or you want to mix things up a bit for summer, their new California Dreaming collection has bright colors with whimsical names such as This Is Not Whine Country, Santa Monica Pier Pressure, Malibu Beach Peach, Excuse Me Big Sur, and more.

A great red lip gloss, which I especially love for TV, is this Renee shade (in the center of the photo below) from Rockin Beauty.  The colors and shine are gorgeous, but what also makes these glosses unique is that the wand and tube come with a built-in LED light and mirror, so you can do quick touch-ups anywhere!  How cool is that?  You can check them out in the segment clip below. 

Finally, a fabulous new skin care line I am sharing for nyakio this month is a prestige line at an affordable price. What I love about the collection is that you can customize your own regimen from the 16-piece line, based on your own skin type and needs.  Nyakio is designed to hydrate, rejuvenate, smooth, and provide anti-aging benefits, and many of the items - like the soothing chamomile sleep mask that doubles as an overnight moisturizer - will multi-task for you!  Also, since my facial skin is fairly sensitive, I really like gentle products like this that work, and are free from ingredients such as sulfates, phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde and petrolatum.  You can find nyakio exclusively at Ulta's stores or on their website.