Sunday Stories

I am forever sharing mouth-watering dessert recipes from Lovely Little Kitchen - but I think this Whole Lemon Pie is my new favorite.

Photo used by permission of  Lovely Little Kitchen .

Photo used by permission of Lovely Little Kitchen.

If you plan a visit to NYC soon, add this to your Broadway list. Hilarious, and more child-friendly than most other shows.

Dictionary and language geeks - read up.

In my opinion, she always looks super-stylish - whoever she is wearing and wherever she goes.

Love the "before & after" projects on Apartment Therapy - especially when they are in Paris.

For anyone that is always "too busy" - some serious food for thought.

How far will you travel to go to the gym regularly? We live exactly two blocks from our gym, so there are few legit excuses for skipping workouts.

Have a lovely week!