Sunrise in Manhattan

Scrolling through the zillion pictures on my iPhone this weekend, it is apparent that I take lot of pictures at sunrise and sunset.

(And that I seriously need to clean out my phone).

There are a lot more sunrises than sunsets, however, because I am an early bird and often out and about the city - or heading to the airport - bright and early. A few of my favorites:

The East River, from Carl Schurz Park.

Carl Schurz Park.

The Upper East Side, looking south from our living room.

One of the many sunrises I have watched from the American Airlines Admirals Club at LaGuardia Airport.

Central Park, 5:30 a.m.

East 72nd Street, between York Avenue and the East River.

Early morning view of the Jenga Tower in Tribeca:

Where are your favorite spots to enjoy sunrises and sunsets?