Cookies for Pi Day

I really enjoy cooking and baking, but couldn't bake a decent pie to save my life. So, in honor of 3.14 - National Pi Day - I am sharing three of my favorite cookie recipes.

In case you haven't heard, there is a blizzard blowing around New York City all day today - and I anticipate that a batch of these peanut butter cookies may be on the horizon. This super-simple recipe only needs five ingredients, all of which you probably have in your kitchen right now.

These chocolate chip cookies start out with your basic Nestle Toll House recipe, and make a few adjustments from there. The only tough part may be leaving the dough alone in the fridge for a few days. (Tip: Hide the dough in the vegetable crisper drawer. No one will ever find it there). 

These lemon bars always make me think of my mom, who generally made one of pan of them each year - at Christmas. This is her recipe.

What are you baking today?