Coming Soon to Instagram

Capitalizing on our society's need for constant change - not to mention cute things to Instagram - Starbucks is coming out with spring pastel cups this week.

Sign me up! Each fall, I count the days until the release of the latest "red cup" designs for the holidays. As someone who sets up the Christmas tree really early, I love that they get on board fairly early in the season.

Sure - it's all marketing. I freely confess that it works on me. I'm gonna buy my coffee somewhere, so why not sip it from a cute cup?

I am looking forward to picking up my venti black decaf in a mint green or turquoise cup - which will show up nicely against the snow that piles up from the blizzard that is forecast to hit New York City this week.

Does anyone else admit to getting on board with the hype of these seasonal cups? Does it make you buy more coffee or influence where you buy it?

* All photos from Starbucks.