Paris Eats

During our visit to Paris last fall, the city was in the midst of an unusual heat wave with 90-plus degree temps.  So, with cold weather all around us this month, it seemed a good time to bask in the sunshine from those pics - and review a few of yummy meals we had along the way.

Paris is not all coffee and croissants, although we very quickly got used to starting the days with them, lingering over breakfast at Le Recrutement Café, a corner café down the block from our hotel. 

02-02-17 Cafe.jpg

Yes, there is French onion soup in Paris - and it is amazing!  I have been trying to recreate the delicious-ness of this green bean salad from La Terrasse du 7eme ever since we got back. 

Escargots at one of our favorite spots, Brasserie Balzar.  Sure, they're snails - but with a savory sauce of garlic, butter and fresh herbs, how can you possibly go wrong?

I'm the weird person who actually prefers the profiteroles (also at Brasserie Balzar) without chocolate sauce.  Maybe this is not the most photogenic dish, but if you're into chocolate, this is your place.  Scott caught this shot mid-pour as our server poured an entire pitcher of chocolate onto that plate. 

Happily, Brasserie Balzar was a couple of miles from our hotel, which was ideal for a long stroll back after this meal.

A Sunday morning stroll was a feast for the eyes, with the fruitiers meticulously arranging this mouthwatering produce for Sunday shoppers (more colorful sightings here).

Finally, we had a great time actually cooking our dinner on our final evening, taking a poultry class at La Cuisine Paris. Scott snapped this pic of me channeling my inner Julia Child.   You can see more about that amazing experience - including recipes - here.  

Bon appetit!  What are you cooking tonight?