In high school, my drama teacher told us about a Broadway show that was based on a bunch of poems about cats.

I thought that sounded like one of the craziest ideas I had ever heard.

Nevertheless, I saw "Cats" years later, and loved it.  It was my first Broadway show, and I was overwhelmed by the music, set, costumes, choreography - all those good things you love about musicals.  I enjoyed it, but never felt any need to see it again, even though it ran on Broadway for 18 years, closing in 2000.

Not surprisingly, "Cats" has had multiple lives - most recently being revived on Broadway last year.  Scott had never seen it, and when we were looking for cheap last-minute Broadway tickets on TodayTix (highly recommended!) this weekend, we decided to go for it.

If you've ever seen this, you know the set (partially visible in these photos) is quite the spectacle - and the costumes?  Don't even get me started.  Awesome.  And whatever your feelings about this show, chills will go down your spine when Grizabella belts out "Memory."

While it may not be for everyone, "Cats" is a classic.  If you come to New York and have time to see lots of shows, definitely check it out to see what all of the fuss is about.  

Significantly, it is also one of the few Broadway shows that is child-friendly.  Kids love the cats - and there will be no language or mature plot lines that you'll have to answer questions about later.