Sunday Stories

A few fun reads!


So you want to be a dog walker?  Good luck with that.

TV girlfriends - if you're looking for a light, fun read, pick up CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota's book Amanda Wakes Up, which was my airplane reading during last week's TV tour.

I am nowhere close to being a millennial, but I haven't a clue about using power tools or taking care of a yard, either.  But I do know how to cook (and love doing so!) - and know how to clean our home and do laundry and other basic life skills.  Interesting look at what retailers are calling the "do it for me" generation.

Such a fun birthday present for me this year!  Don't think I have mentioned this yet on the blog, but as an Anglophile, royal babies make me so happy.  And guarantee I'll buy virtually any magazine that has this little branch of the Royal Family on the cover.

As someone who frequently works with food stylists, this new culinary school emphasis on photography and social media skills totally makes sense.

Have a lovely week!