Game Day Party (Football Optional)

When it comes to football, I have to admit that I've never been a huge NFL fan.

But I can always get on board for throwing a party!  So with The Big Game coming up in less than two weeks, I am getting my game on for a Super Bowl segment this week in Portland.  

Here are a few of the yummy foods and drinks I am showing for several companies.  Happily, the crew is always eager to help "clean up" the display after the segment wraps.

We have been ordering steaks from Omaha Steaks for forever.  In addition to their yummy burgers and franks, this Fan Favorite Finger Food assortment includes game-day faves like bacon-wrapped pepper jack shrimp, artisan steak flatbread, Buffalo chicken wings - along with the absolutely essential gourmet franks in a blanket. (all photos from Omaha Steaks). (Photos courtesy of Omaha Steaks).

For guests who do not eat meat, Sweet Earth Natural Foods has an array of super-flavorful appetizers and entrees that are all made from plant-based proteins and natural ingredients.  For an easy appetizer platter, serve an assortment of international burritos such as the Curry Tiger (with flavors of turmeric, cinnamon and cardamom), the Kyoto (with sesame) and the Get Cultured, a Korean-inspired blend of seasoned tofu, cabbage, red peppers, edamame and ginger.  (These are all so yummy, you'll want to make plenty for your meat-eating friends as well!) (Photos courtesy of Sweet Earth Natural Foods).

Continue the international theme with Sweet Earth's easy entree bowls, in 12 flavors ranging from a curry Chana Masala to Bean and Mango Cubano to General Tso's Tofu - a healthier hack of what is normally a very heavy dish.

These burritos and entrees are all simply heat-and-eat, but if you want to make a recipe or two from scratch, you can make these savory Benevolent Bacon Potato Skins that use Sweet Earth's Benevolent Bacon (it is made with seitan, a protein made from wheat that cooks and crisps up like bacon).  Load up potato skins with beans, corn, jalapeno, avocado, lime and tomatoes - and top them off with chunks of the bacon.  All of these Sweet Earth products are readily available at stores like Walmart, Target, Whole Foods and more, and you can check out their web site for store locations and more recipes. (all photos from Sweet Earth).

Judging from the commercials, you'd think all anyone drinks during the game is beer.  But - surprise! - wine is quickly becoming the drink of choice for many, especially as more women watch the game and host parties.  For people who love organic products - or just a great Sangria - Eppa Sangria is a perfect match for burritos and other Sweet Earth foods.  For a food-friendly wine that goes with just about everything, Barone Fini Pinot Grigio is full-bodied enough for heavier appetizers, but will not overwhelm the lighter fare - if you have any - on your Super Bowl menu. (Photo courtesy of Eppa).

In my opinion, sparkling wine is great for any occasion - and what better time to break out the bubbly than for Super Bowl?  Yellow Tail Bubbles is a perfect pairing with all of the savory fare on your menu, and at only about $9.99 per bottle, it's easy to stock up for a crowd. (Photos courtesy of Yellow Tail).

Finally, Party City is great for one-stop shopping for table decor.  From football-themed partyware to decorations, it's easy to style a great gridiron-themed party - whether or not anyone watches the game.

Do you actually watch the game - or are you all about the food and commercials?