Lucky 13

We love the view from our 15th floor apartment.  The glow of the sunrise across the Manhattan skyline, snow-covered streets and rooftops during the winter - and I never tire of seeing the Empire State Building all lit up at night.  You could even see Central Park and Carl Schurz Park, which bookend our street - if you hung out the window and dangled over oncoming traffic.

Living on an upper floor, however, we're always at the mercy of one of our two elevators - which have tended to break down with uncommon frequency.

For the last four months, we have been in the midst of an elevator replacement project.  One was shut down for replacement for a couple of months - a process that went quite smoothly, as the sole operational one suffered few breakdowns (it was a Christmas miracle!).  The other one is now being replaced, and while the "new" elevator works great, they periodically take it out of service for short periods for fine-tuning.

But things don't always go according to schedule.  So, I returned from the gym about an hour after these adjustments were supposed to be complete, only to be greeted by not one but two "out of service" signs in the lobby.  

Happily, I was in gym shoes, and only carrying grocery bags - not a heavy suitcase.  Since our building "skips" the 13th floor when numbering, I only had to schlep the bags up 13 flights of stairs.  A little bonus, unscheduled stairclimber workout after a hour on the treadmill at the gym.

Onward - and upward.