Meet Me in...St. Louis?

In any given year, I spend about a third of the nights in hotels.  Happily, some of those are on holidays with Scott, so it's not entirely work travel.

Most stays are perfectly lovely.  But sometimes the hotel experience is just so amazing, you want to tell someone about it. 

So here I am.

Have you ever seen a hotel lobby this gorgeous?


The perfect place to relax, have a meeting or meet friends at the ornate bar.  Or in my case, run around taking pictures with my iPad at 6 a.m. when it was empty.


Or be inspired by the stained glass windows.


This is not a grand palace somewhere in Europe, or a fancy expensive boutique hotel. 

It is The St. Louis Union Station Hotel - a DoubleTree by Hilton.  Yes, St. Louis.  And DoubleTree.  As in the           we'll-give-you-a-warm-chocolate-chip-cookie-when-you-check-in people.

The lobby is actually the Grand Hall of the old train station.

Oh - and they also do spectacular light shows in here during the evening.

When I arrived, I saw a placard that the property had recently won a "Connie" award for outstanding customer experience, a recognition that Hilton awards based on surveys of guests at its various properties.  (My fellow "Mad Men" devotees will recall the portrayal of Conrad "Connie" Hilton in the show's third season).

It is easy to understand why.  From the moment I arrived - greeted by the very friendly and helpful doormen, bellmen and front desk staff - every bit of the experience was outstanding.

If you have access to the executive lounge, this was the gorgeous and healthy breakfast on offer (with the fruit served up on train track. After all - this is a train station!).  Not only was everything tasty, but the people who worked in the lounge - both morning and evening - introduced themselves to each guest, and regularly checked in to make sure you were enjoying your visit.

No one is sponsoring this review, but I loved this place and look forward to going back again (and again).

So if someone says "Meet Me in St. Louis" - you might want to tell them to meet you here.

The St Louis Union Station - a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, 1820 Market Street, St. Louis, Missouri 63103

* All photos original to Shop with Style.