Sunday Stories

Happy Sunday!  I have been on the road most of the last month, giving me tons of time to keep up on books and magazines.  More about my eclectic book list soon, but here are a few of the blog, newspaper and magazine stories that caught my eye this week.  I promise that this is an election-free zone; we keep everything light and fun!

  • Apparently, it's not just my Instagram feed that is filled with photos of doors.
  • I know I am not the only one who loves reading about the Royal Family.  The June/July ("Summer 2016") issue of Vanity Fair is chock full of articles celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday.
  • As a visual person who keeps a paper schedule instead of an electronic one, I totally agree that having a good day planner - or actually, using one - is key to staying organized.  This, along with a master to-do list, is the only way I can stay productive and stay on top of a crazy schedule.
  • Finally, the super-thick September fashion magazines are starting to hit the newsstands (or, in my case, show up on the Texture magazine app). During the next couple of weeks, you'll often find me paging through them.

Have a lovely week!