When I'm 64

I was (okay - still am) a serious geek when it comes to school/office supplies.

So as a kid, of course, I always wanted the 64-count box of crayons.  You know - the cool one with the built-in sharpener on the back. (Photos courtesy of Crayola).


Some years, my mom would relent and get me the 64-count, but I other times I had to settle for 48.  I must point out my school was so not helpful in this quest, as the supply list only recommended a 24-count box.

Fast-forward (more than a few) years - and you can totally customize a box of crayons!  Pick fun colors - and even personalize the box with your name and a photo. 

They are super-easy to do.  Just go to the "MyWay" section of Crayola's web site.

Pick the box size and count.  You can do eight-count boxes, but where is the fun in that?  Now that I am an adult, I am going for 64.  Because I can.

Next, pick your colors.  Do the classic assortment - or load up on oodles of shades of pinks, greens, yellows - whatever.  You can also bling out your box with neons, glittery shades and other options.

Just a few of the options.

Just a few of the options.

I'm all about the glitter, neons, greens and pinks (kind of preppy):

Then, pick from dozens of themes and designs (happy birthday, first day of school, etc.), upload a photo and name or other text - and voila!  Your own box.  With the oh-so-important sharpener on the back.  Here a few boxes I showed on a recent TV segment in Denver:

With host Christ Parente on Colorado's "Everyday" show.

With host Christ Parente on Colorado's "Everyday" show.

When it comes to school supplies, what were your favorites as a kid?  Or - what are the must-haves for your children?