My Parisian Bookshelf

Last week, I wrote about how I am re-learning French to get ready for an upcoming trip to Paris.

My own French immersion does not end there, as I am also devouring my own Eiffel Tower of books for this and an already-planned future visit.  Scott and I have each been to Paris several times - most recently, we vacationed there in the fall of 2012.  I don't require any motivation or inspiration to visit this beautiful city, but I like to get back into the culture and language before we go.

This is kind of an eclectic list.  In no particular order, here are a few of my faves.  I admit that I am reading several for the second, third - even fourth time (bonjour "My Life in France" and "A Moveable Feast"). 

"Paris to the Moon" - Adam Gopnik

From food to fashion to politics, a highly-recommended book of essays by a writer who penned the The New Yorker's "Paris Journal" for several years.

"A Moveable Feast" - Ernest Hemingway

The classic of classics about American expats in Paris between the wars.

"The Sun Also Rises" - Ernest Hemingway

Again - letting my Hemingway flag fly high. 

"The Paris Wife" - Paula McClain

Hemingway again - but this time a novel based on his first wife and their lives in Paris during the 1920s.

"La Belle France" - Alistair Horne

A serious, scholarly history of France by an acclaimed Oxford historian who is a storyteller extraordinaire.

"Paris: A Love Story" - Kati Marton

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll learn a lot about Paris in an engaging memoir by this author and former ABC news reporter.

"My Life in France" - Julia Child

Wow.  Just wow.

"Buying a Piece of Paris" - Ellie Nielsen

An entertaining and informative book about an Australian family trying to buy a flat in Paris.  This gives you a bit more insight into the process than you get from House Hunters International.

Coming up, my Paris movie list, topped by one of my all-time faves - "Midnight in Paris."  What else should I be reading?