Election-Free TV

Like to get up early on the weekend?

I wake up early even if I don't have to.  Which is a good thing, since morning TV starts really early.

This coming Sunday and Monday morning, you can catch me live on "FOX & Friends."  I am taking over their plaza in Midtown Manhattan, setting up two full dorm rooms with the help of Bed Bath & Beyond.

Better yet, I promise that my segments are "Election-Free Zones."  You can tune in with the assurance we will not be discussing the presidential election.


I am scheduled to be on both mornings at 7:30 a.m. ET/6:30 a.m. CT - give or take half an hour, and depending on breaking news.

So - please set your DVR's accordingly.  Or you can get up early, fire up the coffeemaker and watch us live. 

For a look behind-the-scenes, follow along on Instagram.  See you there!