What's Up, Buttercup?

Are there many better ways to start a busy day than by having your hair freshly blown-out - preferably, by someone else?

I think not, which makes me a huge fan of the Drybar (I might have done more than a few blog and Instagram posts from there).

They pretty much invented the blow-dry salon business.  Even though they now have tons of competition, I am super-loyal.  Especially since their Upper East Side salon is very convenient to our apartment and my Equinox gym (well…whenever I get to the gym).

So I was super excited to find their signature yellow blow dryer - aka "Buttercup" - in my hotel room last week in Chicago.  While pretty much every hotel room has a hairdryer, many of them cannot handle my long, thick hair without overheating.  So, I always travel with my own dryer.

It's the little things that make life on the road just a tiny bit easier.