Summer Reading: "The Nest"

I spend a lot of time in airport newsstands and bookstores between flights, browsing books and magazines and periodically buying one before a long flight.

Over the last few months, I kept seeing “The Nest.”  It had received very positive media reviews, but more importantly, several friends recommended it.  Still, I had to resist starting it until I finished the small mountain of books already weighing down my carry-on bag.


Sidebar:  Yes, I have heard of e-books.  My iPad is stuffed with them, not to mention a subscription to the Texture magazine app that spoils me with more 200 magazine titles – and their back issues – anytime I want to read them.  But I still love actual physical books – the kind where you can scribble in the margins, and that fall onto the floor when you start to go to sleep.

Last week, I finally picked up “The Nest” – and one of the few times I put it down was to snap this picture. 

It is the story of four middle-aged siblings who are in a squabble over an anticipated inheritance.   My initial impression was that it would be a shallow story of selfish, entitled New Yorkers, but it was more layered than that.  The more I got into the book, the more I found myself rooting for (some of) them.

This definitely falls into the category of “summer reading.”  You’re not going to learn anything from it, but you’ll be entertained for several hours or flights.

What is still on your summer reading list?