Khakis for Days (and Nights)

When it comes to buying clothes for back-to-school, college guys and teachers usually get left out of the conversation.  But hey - they need clothes too!

So, I am excited to be working with Dockers this season to show some of their latest looks for fall.  And working with super-nice models and wardrobe stylists across the country isn't such a bad thing, either.

One thing I love about their clothes is that they are always on-trend, without being trendy.  They are also my husband's style, and of course, he is just my style.  

With so many styles and colors - and seven different fits, ranging from slim to athletic tapered to classic - you can build an entire wardrobe of pants for any occasion, day or night.  Shown below, left to right:

  • Jean-Cut Khakis have traditional five-pocket styling.  They also have just a little bit of stretch in them to make them more comfortable - a feature us girls have appreciated in our clothes for years.
  • These Clean Khakis have a classic, tailored fit.  Nice to have if you need something dressier for a dinner or event after class; just toss on a blazer and you're good to go.   
  • For guys who like their khakis to have a more vintage, lived-in feel, these Broken In Alpha Khakis are awesome - and the models report they are super-comfortable!


Models Chad, Jeff and Titus on the "Sonoran Living" show.

Models Chad, Jeff and Titus on the "Sonoran Living" show.

Bonus:  these khakis are also super-affordable, at $50 to $58 per pair.  If you're like me, and mentally calculate cost-per-wear on some of your clothes - you'll get a lot of mileage out of these.  These are quality khakis that last; not "fast-fashion" clothes that start to fall apart after you wash them a few times. 

You can take a look at all three of these styles - and, of course, watch our models do their thing - in this segment on the "Sonoran Living" show in Phoenix.