The Americans

I am a little late to the game, but we recently discovered the excellent FX series "The Americans."

Thanks to Amazon Prime, we started watching season one earlier this year, just as the show was starting its fourth season on cable. 

That, friends, pretty much sums up our TV viewing habits - usually a few steps behind.  Maybe since we both work from home, there is no "water cooler" chat to motivate us to keep current on these things - so we get around to them when we get around to them.

Photo from  Variety

Photo from Variety

From the pilot episode, I was hooked.  Not just for the compelling story - which has Soviet spies living as Americans in suburban Washington, DC - but for the totally awesome 80's soundtrack.  Oh, and the wardrobe of star Keri Russell and her on-screen daughter could have been lifted from my junior high school closet.

We are now caught up through season three.  With my extensive work travel for the next month, it will be tough to knock out season four - but we are up to the challenge.

Anyone else hooked on this show?  What are you binge watching these days?