Nailed It

It's no secret that New York City is an expensive place to live - although some prices may seem quite reasonable if you live somewhere like London or San Francisco.  

But one thing is way cheaper here than anywhere else:

Manicures and pedicures.

"Alligator Purse" by Essie - one of my favorite summer colors.

"Alligator Purse" by Essie - one of my favorite summer colors.

In Manhattan, your basic everyday manicure and pedicure ranges from $20 to $35 (yes - that is for both).  You can still pay an arm and a leg in spas and fancy salons, but unless you are looking for a more luxurious experience, there's no need to pay more. 

Within a one-block radius of our apartment, there are three nail salons.  Walk another block or two in any direction, and that number jumps exponentially.

If I lived anywhere else, the cost would keep me from getting manis and pedis with any degree of regularity.  When I travel for work and stop into a salon in another city - it costs at least two to three times more than in our Yorkville neighborhood.

So, if you're looking for an excuse to come to NYC - you're welcome.  The inexpensive price doesn't offset the ridiculous prices of apartments, groceries and other necessities, but it's enough to help me justify trips to the salon - not to mention springing for the cost of a longer foot massage with the pedicure (ahhhh).

New Yorkers - are there other things that you find less expensive here than in other parts of the country?