Summer Reading: "Before the Fall"

Since I log so many hours on airplanes, I try to read several books each month.

I confess I have been slowing down a bit lately.  But based on reviews I read a few weeks ago, I rushed out (to a bookstore at O'Hare Airport between flights - read on to see the irony in this) to scoop up "Before the Fall" when it was released last Tuesday.

The story opens with a plane crash.  (I know - great airplane reading!).  This Noah Hawley novel then delves into the back stories on all of the characters and events leading up to the crash.

I am not sharing any spoilers here.  This bit of info is on the book jacket and in every review you will read.

If you like stories that begin with the end - and then spend hundreds of pages unpacking what led to it - this is a book for you.  This same device was used in "The Edge of Lost" - another fantastic book I read earlier this year.

(English-major friends, feel free to enlighten me with the name of the literary device that structures a story in this way!) 

No more details.  If you read it, please let me know what you think.

Happy reading!  What is on your summer reading list?