Summer Reading: "In the Unlikely Event"

Technically, this should have been last summer's reading. 

It looked interesting when it came out early last year.  But I am not always willing to shell out the money for a hardcover book, and I subsequently forgot to look for it at the library.  However, I immediately picked it up when I saw the newly-released paperback last week at - where else - a bookstore in the Indianapolis airport.

Within a 58-day period during the winter of 1951 - 1952, three commercial aircraft crashed in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  All of the flights were either approaching or taking off from Newark Airport.  I never knew about these incidents until reading this book; you can Google the crashes to get the details.

Or - you can read the novel "In the Unlikely Event."  Author Judy Blume (yes - she of "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret" fame) was a teenager at the time, and lived nearby.  Decades later, these crashes serve as a backdrop for her latest novel that weaves a fictional story and characters around actual events - showing the impact of the crashes on their lives over a 35-year period.

Recent evidence notwithstanding, I do not actively seek out plane crash literature.  But I do love a good story, and we all know Judy Blume can write one.

Happy reading!