Are You Watching?

Scott and I aren't always drawn to the the same TV shows.  I am deep into the final season of "Mr. Selfridge" (London!  Stylish clothes!) while he is more of a "Game of Thrones" kind of guy .

But two out of two Sewells agree:  "The Night Manager" -  the six-part BBC miniseries currently airing on AMC - is excellent.

Photo from  AMC

Photo from AMC

We both love spy thrillers and tales of international intrigue, such as "The Americans" (also outstanding.)  But we tend to pick them up on Netflix or Amazon after they air, which means we spend cold or rainy Saturday afternoons binge-watching several episodes at a time.

In a rare occurrence, we are actually watching "The Night Manager" as it airs.  This requires a bit of patience, making us wait a whole (long) week to find out what happens after each episode's inevitable cliffhanger.

Based on the John le Carré novel, which neither of us read, the excellent cast includes Hugh Laurie (you will never confuse this guy with Dr. House), and Tom Hiddleston as the title character.  Hiddleston fans will like the fact that lingering looks into his eyes seem to comprise about a quarter of the camera shots in any episode.

Much of the cast will be familiar to anyone who watches a lot of British TV - including Olivia Colman (aka Detective Ellie Miller from "Broadchurch") as a British intelligence officer.

If you are not watching yet, you can catch up with on-demand and the numerous repeats AMC airs each week.

What are you watching these days?