Catch a Few More ZZZs

On a business trip this week, my husband's hotel room included this handy "tip sheet" for getting a good night's sleep.

Business travelers must be presumed to be sleep-deprived group, as the book on which this promotion is based - The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington - is probably the most visible title on display at airport newsstands and book stores this spring.

Some of these tips are pretty easy for me - especially #3 and #7, since I only drink decaf coffee and tea. 

And while I could definitely do a better job on "unplugging" from electronic devices a little earlier, reading an actual physical book (#6) is like a sleeping pill for me.  No matter how good it is, 10 minutes after I start reading, that book will likely fall with a thud on the floor as I doze off.  (Maybe that's why the stack of nine books on my nightstand never gets any shorter).

I'd be tempted to buy this book, but even though I enjoy her writing - I'd probably be asleep by the end of the first chapter.

Do you find it a challenge to get a good night's sleep?  Which of these work for you?