Mother's Day Memories

During the last few weeks, I traveled around the country chatting about Mother's Day gifts on TV shows.

That always gives me plenty of opportunity to think of my mom.  If you know me, you knew a bit about her.  In addition to our red hair, three similarities really stand out:

  • She loved to entertain.  Whether hosting a small dinner party or a bridal shower for 100 people, she loved planning a party, preparing the menu and opening their home to guests.  I inherited that trait, one that my husband happily shares.  She also passed along a belief that you can never have too many dishes - something that can be a bit of a challenge in a small New York City apartment.
  • My entrepreneurial spirit definitely comes from her.  Trained as a social worker and counselor, she was a successful real estate broker for more than 20 years - a great listener, a master negotiator and someone who knew how to work with people making the biggest purchasing decisions of their lives.  I learned a lot about how to work with customers in an industry dependent on referrals and repeat business.
  • My love of travel comes from both her and my dad.  Even with a hectic travel schedule for work, Scott and I love nothing more than hopping on a plane for a quick family visit or an occasional longer holiday in Europe (yay to frequent flier miles and hotel points!). 

One of my favorite Mother's Day memories is from just a few years before she passed away.  The week before Mother's Day, she excitedly told me about a mother/daughter tea that she was hosting that weekend.  About two dozen of her friends were coming over, accompanied by their daughters. 

Me:  "That sounds fun!"  Pause.  "Who are YOU taking to the party?"

Her:  Silence -  followed by laughter.  In the excitement of planning for her guests, she totally forgot to invite me - her only daughter.

We both thought that was hilarious, and I assured her this made for a much better story than anything that might actually happen at the party.

Happy Mother's Day!