What's for (Sunday) Supper?

Is there any meal more difficult to plan - and less appealing to fix - than Sunday night supper?

I love to cook, but for some reason, Sunday night just isn't a time I want to break out more than one pan and utensil.  We usually don't get home from morning church services until after 1 p.m., so our lunch is fairly late.  Also, if friends come home with us for lunch, the meal often stretches on for hours as we sit around the table, talking and lingering over coffee.

So, by Sunday night, we're often not hungry, or if we are, I'm just not interested in messing up the kitchen. 

Maybe it's because we are winding down the weekend and getting ready for the work week.  Now that the days are longer, we may be out for a long walk in Central Park come later afternoon.  Or - for me, not Scott - I am currently engrossed in the final season of "Mr. Selfridge" on PBS.

(It might also be odd that I refer to the evening meal as "supper" only on Sunday - but call it "dinner" the rest of the week.  Maybe it's the Southerner in me, or maybe I just like alliteration.)

Photo by gkrphoto/iStock /Getty Images

We tend to go through phases.  Nothing at all, or maybe a quick snack.  For awhile, it was Sunday night sushi.  Then it was Sunday night scrambled eggs.  Now we're back to the sushi thing, since we discovered a new Japanese place just a few blocks away on First Avenue.

After taking this quick Sunday night break, though, I am very happy to get back into the kitchen on Monday.

Is this just me, or is anyone else the same way?  What's your Sunday routine?