Friday Favorites: Post-It Wars, Recipe Printables and Tortoise Walkers

A few news stories and blog posts that caught my eye!

Photo from  Adweek

Photo from Adweek

When it comes to baking, I am much more proficient at cookies than cakes.  These cake decorating basics from The Kitchn would have come in handy for the birthday cake I made last weekend.  It may not have been Pinterest-worthy - but we'll still call it a win because of the double-batch of homemade cream cheese frosting that covered it.

Photo from  The Kitchn

Photo from The Kitchn

Speaking of cooking, I have long kept all of my recipes in a basic office binder.  I am ready to up my game with some lovely recipe binder printables; here are a few from iHeart Organizing.

Photo from  iHeart Organizing

And finally, a job that quite possibly only exists in New York:  a tortoise walker.  (This guy even has his own stroller).

Photo from the  New York Times

Photo from the New York Times

Have a lovely weekend!