Black and White and Read All Over

I love print newspapers. 

The New York Times and Wall Street Journal - our "local" newspapers - are delivered to our apartment every morning.  I periodically pick up the New York Post or Daily News at newsstands if they have a great cover - which, as a rule, they often do. 

When I am traveling, bring on the USA Today, WSJ and whatever local papers the hotel will deliver to my room.  But they don't automatically put them outside your door anymore; you have to request it.

Several years ago, I started getting all of my magazines online from Texture - almost 200 magazines on one app for just $14.99 per month - but I cannot let go of my newspapers.  The only newspaper site I visit regularly is the Daily Mail (and so do you, right?).  Print makes it much easier to scan the pages, finding what I want and discovering stories I might miss online. 

Am I the only one who likes getting their hands - and coffee cup - dirty with newsprint?  How do you get your news?