No Place Like Home

I love my job, and thoroughly enjoy traveling, working with awesome people around the country, and showing fun stuff on TV segments.

This weekend, though, it feels really good to be home.  I flew out early last Sunday morning, and got home late Thursday night after traveling to Seattle, San Antonio, St. Louis and Portland (more than 10,000 miles, plus countless hours of flight delays).

It provides much-needed time to catch up on office work, take walks with Scott in Central Park (yay for warmer spring weather!) - and the opportunity to pop into Fairway for groceries and make dinner in our own kitchen.  When you travel so much - and love to cook - making dinner at home is a treat, not to mention healthier than eating out all of the time.

Bonus that I was able to meet up with my friend Lori for coffee on Friday morning.  Lori is the founder and creative director of Jane Summers, and the designer of many of the dresses I wear on TV.

Next week is another full week of travel, so I am savoring every moment of the next couple of days.